About Buffalo Arts Studio

Buffalo Arts Studio provides affordable studio space and exposure for visual artists while creating community cultural connections through exhibitions, public art, and educational programs.

About Trimania

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, the Buffalo Arts Studio (BAS) will welcome 3,000 guests to TRIMANIA, an epic celebration of art, culture, and music at the Tri-Main Center located on Main Street in Buffalo. Every few years, for one night and one night only, BAS transforms six floors of the Tri-Main Center, a former manufacturing facility, with live bands, DJs, dancers, performers, comedians, poets, and visual artists, and provides the community with an opportunity to discover the vast Tri-Main Center. Visitors can explore artist’s studios at BAS as well as other businesses that call Tri-Main home, while they take in the crowds, performers, and installations throughout the building. TRIMANIA is one of the premier cultural events in Western New York and a highlight of Buffalo’s cultural and economic renaissance. You won’t want to miss TRIMANIA.


Floor Plans

Copy of Trimania_Floor_01


Copy of Trimania_Floor_02

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Copy of Trimania_Floor_06