Code Legend      

EX – Exhibition
OS – Open Suite
P – Performance
IA – Interactive Activity

Floor 2

225 Bean Media Productions EX Bean Media Production Videos

234 Optimal Therapy Association EX Artwork by James Cooper

240 MidCity Office Equipment Inc. EX Artwork by Daniel Galas

Hallway Near Suite 240 EX Artwork by Tapestry Charter Students

250 The Lunch Box EX Fine Art Printing by Todd Treat

255 Mundo Images EX Photographs of the World and Eco-friendly, Greeting Cards & Gifts

260 Expressed Entertainment P Spoken Word, Music, and Visual Art

Floor 3

314 T-Mark International  P Blues, Live Music

317 Services EX International Dress and Music

347 Pam Glick Studio EX Artwork by Pam Glick

348 Newbird LLC EX Artwork by Kathleen Sherin

350 Landies Candies Food Chocolate and Candy Store

355 Roche & Co Ltd EX Artwork by Greg Meadows

357 Child & Family Services for Resolution and Justice OS Open Studio

Floor 4

400 Levere Photography, Print Collection EX Artwork By Douglas Levere and Print Collection

401 Fisher Price IA  Geodome by Nathan Holme Featuring Free Soul Dance

402 Rhea Anna Photography, IA Live Photo Shoot

404 Citybration & Goulah Design Group P  Collision of Words and Design by Buffalo Authors and Artists

408 Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo EX Artwork by Joe Ziolkowksi

409 TeachSpin EX & P Artwork by Various Artists, Science Demonstrations, and Live Music

413 Journey’s End EX Interactive Media by The Papers

413 Journey’s End EX Video/Sound by Armagedon Party

415 Belly Dance Academy P Aimee & Elias Do James Bond Musical duo (Spanish guitar flavors)

415 Belly Dance Academy P Joe Rozler & John Lombardo Musical duo (mod music)

418 Truestone Gallery and Diana Koch, Lcswr, Counseling Services EX Artwork by William Koch and by Nancy Thayer

431 eco_logic STUDIO/Connors, Kevin EX & P Artwork by Roberto Pacheco and by Mary Ellen Bossert, Music by No Fiddle

439 Aspire Tech Today IA Photo Booth

443 Neal Urban Studio EX & IA Artwork and Photo Booth

449 Aspire Co-Op EX Multimedia Sculpture Exhibit

454 Buffalo Game Space Ltd. EX, IA, Open Arcade, Video Projections, Art, Music, and Demos on Display

453 Shirt Outfitters IA T-shirt Printing Demonstration

457 Great Arrow Graphics EX & IA Artwork, Studio Tours, and Silkscreen Demonstration

470 Soteria IT EX Artwork by Linda Toomey


Floor 5

500 Buffalo Arts Studio, Artwork by BAS Artists, Exhibiting Artists, Artist Studios, Video, and Music

500 Buffalo Arts Studio EX, P “A/V Club for Men” by Acid Muzak (projection and audio)

500 Buffalo Arts Studio EX “who should i be today?” by Lara Star Martini (video)

502 Buffalo Arts Studio EX Artwork, Artist Studio

505 Buffalo Arts Studio EX Artwork, Artist Studio

506 Buffalo Arts Studio IA Mehandi Mahal Henna Artisty

509 Leader Artworks EX Artwork by Elizabeth Leader and Nancy Tobin

514 Buffalo Arts Studio EX Artwork, Artist Studios

516 You & Who IA T-Shirt Printing Demonstration

530 Daemen College EX Artwork by Daemen Students

530 Daemen College Theater EX “The Romans” by Knuckle City/Black Rose Films

530 Daemen College Theater EX “The Black Malice” by Knuckle City/Black Rose Films

541 John Wingfelder Architect PC EX Artwork by John Wingfelder and by Belcolore Craft

545 Impact Artists’ Gallery Inc. EX & P Artwork and Wearable Art Models

547 Brushes with Paint EX Artwork by Dot Keller

551 David Derner Studio EX & P Artwork by David Derner and Music by Aircraft

553 Angle, Marlette, and McCarthy Studios EX Artwork by Monica Angle, Martha Marlette, and Ruth McCarthy

555 Knuckle City/Black Rose Films OS Open House, Open Call, and Film @ Daemen